What is synonyms?

Synonyms are one of two or more than two words of same language, which has exactly same meaning. It also includes words that sound different but have same meanings.

Also synonym is a word which by association is held to personify some concept or quality.

Like for a King whose name has become a synonym for tyrant.

“Jump” – “Hop”

Like here “Jump” and “Hop” are of same language and both have same meaning. Thus they are synonym.

Synonym means similar idea and qualities in form of a word. Thus synonyms are similar words.

Some common Synonyms with examples

“Word” – “Synonym”

“Abandon” – “Leave”

  1. The captain ordered to abandon the ship.
  2. He promised that he will never leave her.

“Ask” – “Question”

  1. Ask him but if he refuses than tell me.
  2. we can ask question from our government.

“Cool” – “Cold”

  1. Weather is cool today.
  2. It’s cold out there.

“Fast” – “Quick”

  1. Cheetah is very fast, but gets tired quickly.
  2. Most sports cars are very quick.

“Help” – “Aid”

  1. Help him.
  2. Allies demanded aid as a result US sent aid.

“Old” – “Aged”

  1. He is old thus his reflexes are slow.
  2. He is an aged man however he is quite active.

“Love” – “Admire”

  1. I love the way you speak particularly your voice.
  2. I generally admire peoples who are polite.

“True” – “Accurate”

  1. It is difficult to find a true friend in life.
  2. Your answers must be accurate otherwise you will not get good marks.

“Tell” – “Reveal”

  1. Tell her that she loved him.
  2. You are not allowed to reveal the secret otherwise we will lose.

“Stop” – “Stay”

  1. Stop the car.
  2. Stay together with me.


  • Helps in avoiding repetitive words as a result makes sentence interactive.
  • Generally promotes active sentence formation.
  • Provides more clarity also makes proofreading easy.
  • Improves communication as a result provides more clarity.
  • Above all it expands your vocabulary.


Choose the best synonym for each word

  1. Valliant
  1. Nervous
  2. Cowardly
  3. Quick
  4. Brave

2. Pensive

  1. Oppressed
  2. Caged
  3. Thoughtful
  4. Happy

3. Charisma

  1. Ghost
  2. Force
  3. Charm
  4. Courage

4. Apportion

  1. Cut
  2. Divide
  3. Decide
  4. Squabble

5. Furious

  1. Calm
  2. Very Angry
  3. Playful
  4. Interested

6. Simulate

  1. Excite
  2. Imitate
  3. Trick
  4. Apelike

7. Banish

  1. Exile
  2. Hate
  3. Fade
  4. Clean

8. Appall

  1. Delirious
  2. Covered
  3. Dismay
  4. Confuse

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