Training Methods MCQs With Answers

  1. Which of the following is a benefit of employee training?

A. Improves Morale

B. Helps people identify organizational goals

C. Improve output

D. Increases yield

E. All of the above

  1. Choose which of the following is a benefit to the individual while receiving training?

A. Creates an appropriate climate for growth, communication

B. Aids in increasing productivity and/ or quality of work

C. Makes confident employees

D. Improved skills

  1. __ seeks to examine the goals of the organization and the trends that are likely to affect these goals?

A. Organizational support

B. Organizational analysis

C. Person analysis

D. Systematic analysis

E. All of the above

4. The following training aims to provide broad training to enable the trainee take up a wide variety of tasks within his field of specialization?

A. Demonstration

B. Vestibule training

C. Apprenticeship

D. All of the above

  1. Training refers to the process of imparting __ skills?

A. Specific

B. General

C. Important

D. Overall

6. The following is not a on the job training method?

A. Understudies

B. Job rotation

C. Management by objectives (MBO)

D. Case study method

7. _ is widely used for human relations and leadership training?

A. Business games

B. Role playing

C. Case study method

D. Job rotation

8. Which of the following is a method used in group or organizational training needs assessment?

A. Consideration of current and projected changes

B. Rating scales

C. Interviews

D. Questionnaires

  1. Rearrange the steps in training program:

A. What should be the level of training

B. What principles of learning

C. Who are the trainees?

D. What methods and techniques?

E. Where to conduct the program?

F. Who are the trainers?





10. For which group of persons is vestibule training relevant?

A. Operatives

B. Top management

C. Middle management

D. Supervisory management

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