1. International dimension of marketing includes?

a. Domestic marketing

b. Foreign marketing

c. International trade

d. All

2. The most common form of price discrimination in international trade is

a. Non-tariff barriers

b. Voluntary Export Restraints

c. Dumping

d. Preferential trade arrangements

3. Globalization refers to:

a. Lower incomes worldwide

b. Less foreign trade and investment

c. Global warming and their effects

d. A more integrated and interdependent world

4. Which is the right sequence of stages of Internationalization?

a. Domestic, Transnational, Global, International, Multinational

b. Domestic, International, Multinational, Global, Transnational

c. Domestic, Multinational, International, Transnational, Global

d. Domestic, International, Transnational, Multinational, Global

5. Joining with foreign companies to produce or market products and services is called:

a. direct exporting

b. indirect exporting

c. licensing

d. joint venturing

6. What matters in the difference of Global Marketing and Traditional Marketing?

a. Standardization

b. Marketing skill

c. Personality

d. Attitude

7. Which is the one not included in national/international/global culture?

a. Language

b. Internet

c. Belief

d. Attitude

8. Economic environment refers to all forces which have a _.

a. political

b. natural

c. economic

d. social

9. Study of human population, size, gender etc. is called as _ environment

a. social

b. demographic

c. political

d. economic

10. Which one is not counted as the main factor of global marketing environment? ,

a. Cultural Environment,

b. Economic Environment,

c. Political Environment

d. Job Environment

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